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watt nad im on 15d. ok idroj007: It may be that your router or other NIC has issues and might be throttling the uplink, Have you had it on that same NIC with other wifi-devices before? no do you have any other wifi devices? no, im on a windows machine right now try using the other NIC, see if it still does it? Ok, so the problem may be something else on your side... i can't move the window at all everything is just grey Nothing on the network at all? no nothing no wifi networks anywhere. Can you ping another machine? nm...not the grey this is on my laptop oh i am dong some pings then it should need to be on windows if i ping anything i see two packets, one is my eth0 pinging the router and the other is my wifi. but i have to restart the router for the wifi to work all the files are on the desktop? no. ive been copying them from the other laptop with win and copying over the router should still be running after a reboot...i'm not sure what is going on what should i be doing so you've confirmed the NIC is ok? yea its my only network card ok, then it's something else any other machines or just the laptop and the router? i have a desktop where i have win and the ethernet card works fine ok, try the desktop, no win but i have




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Download Dsl 2750u Me 1.30

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